The Best of Goan Cuisine

Are you looking for something different and distinctive for your menu?

Are you looking to amaze your customers with signature dishes they keep coming back for?

Goan Cuisine’s Food Service Range is the industry’s best kept secret. Used by leading restaurants here in our home state of Perth and right the way across Australia. Chances are you’ve already had a meal that was brought to life with our range.

We produce Spice Pastes, Achars, Chutneys, Kasuandis, Pickles, and Fruit Pastes that can work as stand-alone ingredients or as elements of a custom dish. We like you are passionate foodies and always have quality at the top of mind from the smallest jar to the largest tub we produce.

All our products are made with fresh produce, high quality spices, vinegar, and oils and are to this day made in small batches with evolving family recipes spanning back hundreds of years.

Have a look through the range below for some inspiration. You’ll also find links to a collection of food service recipes and downloadable pdfs to get you started.

If you’d like to talk to one of our team about how the Goan Food Service & Hospitality can bring your menu to life fill out the form and one of our Chefs will be in touch.

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